Poverty and Racial Attitudes

One of the most significant books I read as an undergraduate was Racial Attitudes in America: Trends and Interpretations,┬áby sociologists Howard Schuman, Charlotte Steeh, and Lawrence Bobo (1985). (A revised edition was published in 1998 by Harvard University Press.) In fact, my first ever academic conference presentation (at the Western Anthropology/Sociology Undergraduate Research Conference at … Continue reading Poverty and Racial Attitudes


What White People DON’T Like

I blogged earlier about the ever-more famous "What White People Like" blog. The popularity of the blog (and the impending book based on the same idea) has created considerable discussion/debate. Is the site a critique of Whiteness or a veiled celebration of it? Among the more entertaining (to me) and pointed comments is from the … Continue reading What White People DON’T Like