What’s Gangsta? (Part Two)

First Diddy, now Nas has weighed in on what "gangsta" means now that the pioneers of gangsta rap are pushing 40 (or, in the case of Dr. Dre, are 40-something). According to Nas, "These days, to be gangster is to grow, to survive, to inspire, to change the world." --Esquire, January 2007.


The Message 2006

Rhymefest updates Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five's classic in "Bullet": Straight outta high school he didn't know what to do Wanted to go to college but no money was nothin' new Wanted to get away go see the world and do somethin' new He got approached in the mall by the army recruit Told … Continue reading The Message 2006

What’s Gangsta?

''I wasn't afraid to be sensual and romantic. But I wanted to still hit you hard and make your body move. I just think that being honest is the most gangsta thing you could ever do.'' --Sean "Puffy"/"P-Diddy"/"Diddy" Combs A New Sound For Old What's-His-Name By SIA MICHEL New York Times September 10, 2006