Chicago Shore Leave/Spring Break

I spent half of the spring break in the Chi and have two “shout outs” to those I observed on the bar scene there:

(1) To the men of Chicago: here’s to you, with your untucked striped shirts (open two buttons down) and jeans, your spiked hair and gold chains, and your Bud Lights. That’s a great look . . . for you.

(2) To the women of Chicago: your ability to put back Red Bull-vodkas and Jager shots is impressive and I enjoyed our many conversations at the bar, if only your slurred speech had not gotten in the way of my understanding what the hell you were saying. Delightful. To woman #39, did you honestly tell me that you were on “Bay Watch,” were a runway model, and had your own modeling agency? Perhaps in Van Nuys.

And one for the road: To the two 20-somethings at the airport, very cool the way you were both wearing the same pair of Deisel driving loafers. . . . Very BFF.

It’s good to be home.