Many of my most gratifying experiences as a faculty member have involved collaborating with students. Indeed, a major reason I wanted to teach at Wake Forest University is because of the “teacher-scholar” ideal — the notion that students play a special role at the nexus of faculty teaching and research excellence.

I welcome student involvement with my ongoing projects. Although I do not have grant money to pay students, I can arrange independent study credit for those who work with me.


My current research focuses on American gun cultures. This is a relatively new line of work for me, so my interests are very broad, and I am open to collaborating with students on any aspect of the topic in which they have an interest. My particular foci right now are:

  • The rising number of private citizens who are licensed by the government to carry concealed handguns in public — the “Concealed Carry Nation.”
  • How gun culture gets represented in advertising
  • Women in the gun culture (e.g., the portrayal of gender in gun advertising)

In addition to blog entries on this site, I also blog on a site devoted specifically to understanding the gun culture.

Please be in touch if you would like to take advantage of any of these opportunities, or if you would like to propose some other collaborative project.