Merging My New Year’s Resolutions with My “To Do” List

I know people have differing views of the value of New Year's Resolutions, but I always do them. They give me a moment to reflect on the previous year's aspirations, successes, and failures, and to articulate some new (or, often, continuing) aspirations for the coming year. One problem, though, is that I don't often revisit … Continue reading Merging My New Year’s Resolutions with My “To Do” List


I Love the Suburbs

Since about 1996, I have lived "in the city." But now my family lives in a city of suburbs, connected by various parkways to zip along to different suburban housing developments. We live in one such housing development (picture lots of cul-de-sacs and curving roads and no sidewalks). Why I love it: (1) No one … Continue reading I Love the Suburbs

Kids are funny

From the household this morning -- Dad: Oh, Son, I just dropped my sock. Can you hand it to me? Son (5 years old): Parents hurt themselves when they bend over. Dad: Why is that? Son: Because they're old and they hurt their backs. -- in this case, the truth really does hurt.