Girls Gone Wild. . . What’s the attraction for women?

I think we can understand the attraction of “Girls Gone Wild” to men. Men, after all, are pigs. But what’s the attraction for the women (or, rather, “girls”)? Is this sort of soft-core porn exhibitionism empowering for these women? Or is it just more of the same?

Listen to the author of Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture, Ariel Levy, on “Fresh Air” with Terry Gross from Tuesday, November 28th.

What We’re Selling, What They’re Buying

Had a conversation with a good colleague the other day who marveled at the fact that the knowledge we are trying to “sell” students in class is the only commodity that people willingly shortchange themselves on. That is, most students pay full price for their courses but want to do as little as possible in them. Have fewer assignments? Fine by them. Less reading? Even better. Cancel class? Fine by them. My colleague said it’s like paying full price for a Coke and getting only a half full cup — and being happy about it.

It’s easy for professors to get upset about how students devalue the educational commodity we think we are providing. I get upset about it myself. But the reality is this: the commodity that college students are buying for their tuition money is not an EDUCATION (knowledge, understanding, insight, or anything like that). The commodity the students are buying in each class is a grade and a certain number of credits, and over the course of their undergraduate careers, a degree.

Herein lies a good deal of the misunderstanding between professors and students: what we think we’re selling and what they think they’re buying are two different things.

Facebook? Fine by Me

So, I avoided joining Facebook for some time. In the first place, I thought it was lame for a grown-ass man to be on there. It’s for kids, not a twenty-eighteen year old like myself. In the second place, I already have a web presence for posting ideas and pictures and the like. And I have an email address if people want to communicate with me.

Well, I broke down this past week and registered and I have to say, it is quite a site. It is an awesome way to keep track of alot of people all at once and just let them know you’re thinking about them. Especially for someone like me who has moved from California to Wisconsin to Indiana to Virginia back to Indiana and now to North Carolina. It will make it so much easier to keep track of people I thought I would probably lose track of.

So, let the haters hate on us old timers crashing Facebook. It’s fine by me.