Patron Saint of Students

It is often said that nothing brings students to their knees in prayer like an exam does. Because of this, I am often asked who is the Patron Saint of Students. Until recently, my answer was the standard St. Benedict or St. Thomas Acquinas — with a slight preference for the former because his patronage also includes kidney disease and poison sufferers.

But in reading student papers from my “Religion and Society” class this week, I learned something new. The real Patron Saint of Students is (the heretofore unknown to me) ST. MATTRESS — the saint who receives the most attention from students, especially on the Sabbath.

Live and learn.

Observations from Biscuitville

I was at Biscuitville for breakfast this morning, as I am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I was enjoying my eggs, corned beef hash, and — of course — biscuits and gravy when I glanced out the window to see the following bumper sticker: I [HEART] GRITS. If that were not choice enough, consider the following additional aspects of the bumper sticker. The heart was sealed with the “stars and bars” of the Confederate flag, and GRITS actually stands for: “Girls Raised In The South.”

To which I could only say (to myself, of course): God Bless the Hill-Rods!

Savior of West Coast Rap?

Someone was hyping The Game as the savior of West Coast rap. After all, he’s produced by Dre and his new album debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts. So I listened to the collabo with 50 Cent, “How We Do.” You can’t avoid it, really. And I say: if The Game is the savior of West Coast rap, then the West Coast is beyond salvation.

Student Differences Revealed!

I’ve been thinking alot lately about the big differences between the students at “Our Lady’s University” and the students at Wake Forest University, as the similarities between them are so striking.

Just this week, for some reason, I noticed that Wake Forest students are much more likely to drive Audis than OLU students. The OLU students, it seems, favor luxury SUVs, like the Lexus or BMW, in addition to the ever popular Jeep Cherokee.

In retrospect, this makes perfect sense given the different regions from which the two universities draw students.

Bottom line: I would trade my car for a random draw from the student lot at either institution!