What’s New

I am currently engaged in two major research and writing projects.

The first project is a study of the shift in the center of gravity of American gun culture from hunting and target shooting (Gun Culture 1.0) to personal protection and concealed carry (Gun Culture 2.0). My review essay on “The Sociology of US Gun Culture” is available as a free download, and I post regularly to two blogs about guns in America: Gun Culture 2.0 and Gun Curious. You can also follow this work on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (separate pages for Gun Culture 2.0 and Gun Curious).

A lunchtime talk I gave at the National Firearms Law Seminar in Indianapolis in April 2019, “Gun Culture 2.0, or How a Liberal Professor Became an Armed American,” summarizes my interest in and approach to American gun culture.

The second project, “The Body Armor of Christ: Constructing Safety and Security in Communities of Faith,” explores responses to gun violence within the sacred spaces of congregations in the wake of recent shocking massacres in Charleston, SC, Sutherland Springs, TX, and Pittsburgh, PA.

My collaborators on this project are Katie Day (Professor Emerita of Church and Society, United Lutheran Seminary, Philadelphia, PA), Kyle Childress (Pastor, Austin Heights Baptist Church, Nacogdoches, TX), and Mark Kelly Tyler (Senior Pastor, Mother Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Philadelpia, PA). The project is graciously supported by a Collaborative Inquiry Team grant from the Louisville Institute.

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